10 Nov 2023

Cisco TMS (Telepresence Management Suite) end-of-life

Cisco has now announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (TMS) and Exchange Integration (XE) Subscriptions.

TMS and TMSXE will no longer be included in Subscription offers. Existing customers can continue utilizing until the end of contract but are recommended to explore the migration options to ensure a seamless transition. 

The last day to order the affected product(s) is January 31, 2024. The last day to renew or add to an existing subscription is January 31, 2026.

Mividas Rooms, the perfect replacement for Cisco TMS

Since its initial launch in early 2019, Mividas Rooms has steadily evolved as an ideal alternative to Cisco TMS, where we prioritized retaining the familiar functionality that users have come to expect from Cisco TMS, while also providing a set of new tools to enhance the provisioning of room systems.

Mividas Rooms has received outstanding feedback from both architects and technical administrators that has been crucial in improving the product’s functionality, as well as providing valuable insights on unexplored avenues for simplifying and refining customers’ video conferencing system management

Christian Wåhlin, CEO

Soon the release version 4 of Mividas Rooms will be available with an array of features that are set to redefine your user experience.

Hybrid support

One of the latest additions to Mividas Rooms is the ability to manage both on-premise Webex Room systems and Webex-registered devices from one single user interface for all devices. With Mividas Rooms synchronization option you can be sure the rooms system list is always up to date, whether you have added a system to the Cisco Webex control hub, or an on-premise system directly to Mividas Rooms.

Not only does Mividas Rooms allow the import of Webex-registered devices, Mividas Rooms also enables customers with existing systems to quickly and easily register the systems directly to Webex.

Enhanced functionality

You as an administrator can expect the same type of functionality in Mividas Rooms as found in Cisco TMS, with additional features including:

Feature Description
One-button-to-push Touch join button for all your video meetings.
  • Support of standard SMTP services
  • Microsoft Exchange integration using Microsoft EWS (Exchange Web Services) and the new Microsoft Graph (Office 365)
Scheduling Enable scheduling with ease using Mividas optional components, the Mividas web-based meeting portal, the Mividas Outlook-plugin or the Mividas scheduling API. (Not included in Mividas Rooms standard installation)
  • Powerful scheduling and self-management tools
  • Recurring occasions, with the flexibility to incorporate ad hoc sessions into the meeting series
  • Availability lookup for end users when adding system dialouts to their meetings
  • Schedule room devices to call external meeting platforms eg. Zoom or Skype meetings
  • Staff scheduling and management on behalf of other individuals within the organization
  • Overview of all upcoming, ongoing and previous meetings
  • Exchange integration is not required as the scheduling process occurs within the Mividas scheduling engine
Directory service Advanced directory management.
  • Support of manual entries
  • Hierarchy support and groups
  • Synchronized sources for maximum flexibility
  • Bulk import with excel support
  • Filtering, creating copies, export, bulk import and much more
Configuration Configuration provisioning for Cisco CE, RoomOS and webex-registered devices.
  • Simple to use overview similar to Cisco TMS
  • Save selected configurations as templates
  • Base template support, set one or more templates to be used as the default settings for each product family
  • Conflict notification, shows if the system configurations differ from the latest settings provisioned from Mividas Rooms and also if differences are found based on the specified base template
  • Set up passive provisioning, allowing to control systems that are behind firewall or in case of proxy errors
  • Mividas Proxy support ensuring active connectivity to systems located in remote offices
  • Persistent settings
  • Generate backups
  • Import configurations from plain text or file
  • Get previous call statistics
  • Branding profiles registry and provisioning
Room controls (macros and panels) Integrated registry for easy overview and structure of all your room control.
  • Provisioning of room controls
  • Supporting, xml, js and zip files
  • Collections support of multiple rooms controls
Maintenance Get valuable insight directly from Mividas Rooms dashboard and the system list.
  • Monitoring, device status and insights
  • Single, or bulk onboarding of systems
  • Excel import of systems
  • Call control
  • Firmware register and target versions
  • Locations and organization for better structure
  • Certificates management
  • Troubleshooting and debug views
  • External provisioning service support
  • Incoming passive systems with approve support
  • Save commands as templates
  • Import commands from plain text or file
  • DTMF support
Sensors and people count Gain valuable insight into the different measurements of the room system, including people count, humidity, temperature, and ambient noise levels.
  • Real-time monitoring of meeting room usage
  • History of room usage over time
Analytics Generate reports of your Cisco Webex Room system’s call statistics and usage. Debug statistics are also available for in-depth analytics.

Cisco TMS replacement offer

In light of Cisco’s recent announcement regarding the end-of-sale of Cisco TMS, Mividas is delighted to present a special limited-time offer. Read more about the offer here.

How to migrate?

It’s easy to get up and running with Mividas Rooms, and Cisco TMS can run simultaneously during migration. A simplified step-by-step procedure includes:

  1. Install and onboard Mividas Rooms on a virtual machine
  2. Export your systems from Cisco TMS
  3. Import the exported systems to Mividas Rooms
  4. Set up directory service and address book in Mividas Rooms
  5. Provision the imported systems to subscribe to live events (HttpFeedback) and to use Mividas Rooms as your directory service

Sounds interesting?

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