Meeting rooms

The problem – Missing the join button on your touch screen for some meetings? Having problems provisioning a large amount of room systems with configurations, the address book or branding?

Our solution

Explore the full potential of your premium Cisco Webex Room systems.

  • Change and provision configuration settings to a single systems or in bulk
  • Monitor availability, usage and status
  • Update firmware for any number of video conference systems
  • Create and distribute powerful macros for room automation
  • Utliize sensors e.g. people count, air quality, social distancing
  • Simple One-Button-To-Push experience for connecting to any meeting platform

Mividas Rooms

This and much more is what you can expect from Mividas Rooms. We unleash the full potential of your Cisco Webex Room systems.

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Mividas product suite 3.0 is now released!
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