Enhance and future-proof your video conferencing platform.

Supporting both Cisco Meeting Server® and Pexip Infinity® platforms with seamless integration.

Manage and analyze video meetings and users

Unleash the full potential of your on-premise video meeting platform by giving both administrators and end users easy-to-use tools for video meetings. Analyze usage, track trends and protect your investment by closing the gap to popular cloud platforms.

Optional components for Mividas Core

Add our powerful scheduling and self-management tools, enabling end users to create meetings from Microsoft Outlook or via a web browser, utilizing 2-factor authentication, webinars, custom meeting templates and much more.

Meeting Portal

Provides users with an easy and user-friendly way to schedule and view their meeting history directly from a web browser.

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Outlook Add-in

Our add-in for Outlook allows users to schedule video meetings either via their Outlook desktop client or web browser.

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Core Rooms

While both Core and Rooms work great as stand-alone products, combining them gives you a unique integration between virtual meetings and your conference rooms. Connect to video meetings from your room systems just as easily as you can from your desktop.

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Key features

User management

User registry

Create, edit and remove users in Mivida’s user registry.

User sync

Synchronize users from your LDAP, ADFS or on-premises AD.

Search and filter

Quickly find users using our text search and filter options.

Meeting portal

Schedule meetings via a browser or mobile.

Outlook Add-in

Attach meeting rooms directly from Outlook.


Export all or a selection of users to Excel.


Provide user information to end users via email.

Bulk actions

Move users between tenants and organizational units.

Individual meeting rooms

Associate users to virtual meeting rooms for elevated privileges.

Track changes

Filter and list current and deleted users by date interval.


Use our API-Editor for fine-tuning of user details.

Virtual meeting rooms


Create, update and remove virtual meeting rooms.

Bulk actions

Simultaneously create and update multiple virtual meeting rooms.


Import multiple virtual meeting rooms from your Excel list.


Export all or a selection of virtual meeting rooms to Excel.

Search and filter

Quickly find a virtual meeting room using our text search and filter options.

User privileges

Associate meeting rooms with users and set unique user privileges for each room.

Burst calling

Dial any number of video addresses when a meeting begins.


Automatic provisioning of room settings such as call-ID and SIP address.

Automatic room numbers

Option to automatically generate next numeric ID for created rooms.


Migrate virtual meeting rooms between tenants, organizational units and platforms.


Send meeting room invites directly to users.

Track changes

List both created and deleted virtual meeting rooms based on a date interval.


Use our API-Editor for fine-tuning of each virtual meeting room.



Real-time monitoring of ongoing meetings.

Scheduled meetings

Overview of all users' scheduled meetings.

Search and filter

Quickly find meetings using our text search and filter options.

Meeting control

Control settings such as audio, video and screen layout for participants.

White glove services

Add or remove participants to the meeting.

Recording and streaming

Start and stop recording and streaming.

Tools for troubleshooting

View participant statistics e.g. latency and packet loss for troubleshooting.


Generate reports

Select a date period and generate reports of platform usage.


Filter your reports by, for example. specific meeting room or participants.


Export reports as Excel files or PDFs for further analysis.

Virtual meeting rooms

Detailed statistics about each virtual meeting room.


Gather statistics for length and number of calls for all participants.


Gather statistics for length and number of calls for each group.

Concurrent users

Diagram showing concurrent users grouped over time.

Hours per day

Diagram of hours of active calls per day.

Analytics for troubleshooting

Debug mode for in-depth analysis of individual participants and meeting rooms.

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