Scheduling and management tools for on-premise video platforms

Supporting scheduling in both Cisco Meeting Server® and Pexip Infinity® platforms.

Mividas' scheduling engine

Mividas Schedule provides a user-friendly experience for scheduling video meetings. With its intuitive interface, users can easily schedule and manage their meetings while administrators get the necessary tools to support them.

End users

Mividas Schedule empowers end users with intuitive tools for scheduling video meetings, making scheduling available directly through their browser or via the web and desktop version of Outlook.


Mividas' scheduling engine handles both scheduling and invitations to video meetings, allowing administrators to get an overview of all upcoming, ongoing, and previous meetings through the Mividas Core interface.

Hassle-free video meeting scheduling in your on-premise video platform

Video meeting scheduling

With Mividas Schedule, you have all the essential features to schedule video meetings in your video platform. Moreover, Mividas equips end users with powerful scheduling and self-management tools, which they can access through their web browser or Outlook client.

Scheduled meeting management

Since the entire scheduling process takes place through Mividas scheduling engine, Mividas Schedule makes it possible for administrators to easily access an overview of all upcoming, ongoing and previous meetings.

Recurring meeting

Mividas Schedule enables organizations to schedule a diverse range of recurring meeting series, including asynchronous meetings that offer maximum flexibility by not adhering to a fixed schedule or occurring at different intervals each week.

Static or dynamic meeting room

Users can choose between scheduling meetings in their personal virtual meeting room or opting for a new dynamic meeting room, which is generated at the beginning of the meeting.

Delegated meeting scheduling

Mividas Schedule offers staff members the capability to schedule and manage meetings on behalf of other individuals within the organization, conveniently accessible via their web browser.

Schedule room devices

Enable scheduling of room systems to call not only to the internal meeting platform but also to external sources. For instance, multiple room systems can be scheduled to join a Zoom or Webex meeting at any desired date and time.

Complete scheduling process

As the scheduling process occurs entirely within the Mividas scheduling engine, integration with Exchange is unnecessary, allowing even organizations with such a requirement to schedule with ease.

Meeting control

Mividas Core facilitates easy management of virtual meeting rooms created for scheduled meetings, while also equipping administrators with the necessary tools to support the video platforms ongoing meetings.

Enabling powerful scheduling and self-management tools for the organizations end users

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Mividas Meeting Portal

Provide users with an easy and user-friendly way to schedule and view their meeting history directly from a web browser. Utilizing 2-factor authentication, webinars, custom meeting templates and much more.

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Mividas Identify

With this solution, participants are required to verify their identities before any additional meeting information is shared, providing employees with the assurance that only authorized individuals attend the meeting.

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