Hassle-free video meeting scheduling directly from an end-user's Outlook client

Easy scheduling

The user creates the video meeting through the Outlook add-in, and the meeting instructions are automatically added to the email.

Moderator support

You can easily assign moderator status to selected participants directly from the add-in by simply clicking on their names.

Branding support

Customize the Outlook add-in to match your organization’s profile by changing colors and uploading your own icon.

The different modes for Mividas Outlook add-in

Can be run simultaneously depending on the organization’s needs.

Quick scheduling

The perfect choice for users to schedule standard video meetings with PIN and extended login option for participant identification.

Advanced mode

This mode is for users who should be able to schedule all different meeting types available in the Mividas Meeting Portal.

Static meeting rooms

Users have the option of scheduling a video meeting in one of their static meeting rooms, including the user’s own personal meeting room.

More optional components for powerfull meeting scheduling and participant identification

Subject Participants Starts Ends SCHEDULE

Mividas Meeting Portal

Provides users with an easy and user-friendly way to schedule and view their meeting history directly from a web browser. Utilizing 2-factor authentication, webinars, custom meeting templates and much more.

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Mividas Identify for participant identification

Mividas Identify adds layers of elevated authentication and verification to your meeting platform by invoking external authentication-services for internal and external video meeting participation including electronic ID and SMS.

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