Managing and provisioning for Cisco Webex Room Systems since early 2019.

Designed to be the perfect replacement solution for Cisco TMS and includes powerful provisioning tools for Cisco Webex Room Systems.

Powerfull Cisco TMS replacement solution

Mividas Rooms is a Cisco Webex Compatible platform for managing both on-premise Webex Room systems and Webex-registered devices, providing the ideal alternative to Cisco TMS.


Mividas enable easy provisioning for all your video conferencing systems'. Get an overview of all your organization's systems with search and filter functionality to quickly find the system you are looking for.

Includes provisioning of configurations, address books, firmware, macros/room controls, branding and much more.

Touch join button for all your video meetings

Get true Microsoft Exchange integration using Microsoft EWS (Exchange Web Services) and the new Microsoft Graph (Office 365) to ensure that recurring meetings and changes are reflected to your Cisco Webex room devices.

Administrators get a detailed overview of all the organizations' scheduled meetings for end-user support.

People count

By using people count and call statistics from room systems and call controls such as Cisco Expressway, you can create powerful reporting from both online and offline meetings in conference rooms.

Real time monitoring of meeting room usage, analysis of ghost meetings and scheduling efficiency as well as facility management decision making.


Enable scheduling of room systems to call not only to the internal meeting platform but also to external sources. For instance, multiple room systems can be scheduled to join a Zoom or Webex meeting at any desired date and time.

Mividas boasts a robust scheduling engine that facilitates seamless one-button-to-push (OBTP) support, with or without exchange or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) integration.

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Offering a hybrid approach to managing devices, with support for both on-premise and Webex-registred devices

Two way synchronization

Not only does Mividas Rooms allow the import of Webex-registered devices, Mividas Rooms also enables customers with existing systems to quickly and easily register the systems directly to Webex.

Quick and simple onboarding

With just a few clicks, the administrator navigates to the onboarding process. Our user-friendly wizard provides step-by-step guidance, allowing users to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Provisioning overview


Generate reports, create templates and provision to one or more systems simultaneously.


Run commands directly on one or more systems directly, save commands as templates for later use.

Persistent settings

Ensure that registered systems have the correct settings with scheduled provisioning.


Upload firmware to the Mividas register and easily provision them to your selected systems.

Address books

Create address books from multiple sources and with manual entries, using automatic provisioning.

Since its initially launched in the early months of 2019 Mividas Rooms has recived outstanding feedback from both architects and technical administrators

This feedback has been crucial in improving the product’s functionality, as well as providing valuable insights on unexplored avenues for simplifying and refining customers’ video conferencing system management.

Panels and macros

Use Mividas as your room control repository, create collections and provision to your selected systems.


Add multiple branding profiles to simplify the workflow, for instance, when a new system is added.

Dailing properties

Easily update your systems dailing properties, either in bulk or for a single system at the time.

CA certificates

Provision CA certificates to be installed on a selection of video conferencing systems.

Get previous statistics

Fetch statistics from your existing systems to be used for call statistics and report generation.

Key features

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