Managing and provisioning your video conferencing systems.

Supporting all your Cisco Webex Room Systems.

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Managing and provisioning for Cisco Webex Room systems

Unleash the power of your Cisco Webex Room systems. Mividas Rooms is a Cisco Webex Compatible platform that provides easy-to-join functionality, macro provisioning and people count to name just a few features. Expect all that you have used Cisco TMS for and much more.

Rooms Core

While both Core and Rooms work great as stand-alone products, combining them gives you a unique integration between virtual meetings and your conference rooms. Connect to video meetings from your room systems just as easily as you can from your desktop.

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Key features

System management


Monitor room system status for proactive support.


Create, update and remove systems.

Call control

Use built-in call control for white glove services, support and troubleshooting.

Manage any system anywhere

Connect to homeworkers and remote offices using passive provisioning or Mividas Rooms Proxy.


Integrate with Microsoft Exchange for easy Cisco Webex compatible one-button-to-push user experience.

Bulk actions

Simultaneously create and update multiple room systems.


Import multiple systems from your Excel list.


Export all or a selection of systems to Excel.

Search and filter

Quickly find systems using our text search and filter options.


Provision configurations, firmware, room controls and much more to any number of systems.


Easy to take a snapshot of system configurations in the event they need to be restored later on.


Registry of firmware versions with provisioning for multiple systems.

Scheduled meetings

Listing of all scheduled meetings for each system.

System status

List and create reports for all system statuses.


Change system configuration and create templates or copy settings from existing systems.


Send commands directly to any system with an easy-to-use interface.


Provision branding on displays and touch panels.


Generate statistics for each added system for quick analysis.


Separate view with detailed information for in-depth analysis and support.

Address books


Create, update and remove address books.


Create address books from multiple sources, e.g. TMS or CMS users.


Provisioning updates the address book on any number of systems.

Great user experience

Support for hierarchical address books with folder structure for entries.

Search and filter

Fast search and filtering to find entries in large address books.

Manual entries

Supports manual entries that are stored in the Mividas registry.


Support for making copies of existing address books.


Import multiple entries to address books from Excel.


Export all address book entries to Excel.

Conference rooms

Sensors make sense

As video room systems are increasingly fitted with more sensors, Mividas harnesses the power of sensor technology with an intuitive user interface.

Real time

View real-time usage of meeting rooms.


Get efficiency reporting in real time and historically for facility management decision making.


Integrate with calendar services for analysis of ghost meetings and scheduling efficiency.

Panels and macros


Create, update and remove room controls.


Save room controls as collections to simplify the workflow. For example when a new system is added.


Make complex scenarios easy for users with panels and macros.

Room control

Control displays, lighting, air conditioning and other room features from your Cisco Touch panel.


Provision room controls or collections to any number of systems.


Supports importing room controls as single files as well as zip files.


Generate a secret link to download a selection of room controls.



Collect call statistics from room systems, call control and people count for a complete usage overview.

Generate reports

Select a date period and generate reports.


Filter your reports by, for example, specific systems or organizational units


Export reports as Excel files or PDFs for further analysis.

Hours per day

Diagram of hours of active calls per day.

Any meeting

With people count even offline meetings will be part of the statistics.


Shows total hours and number of calls for all participants.


Shows total hours and number of calls for each group.

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