Simplifying everyday life for end users and administrators

We develop software solutions that unleash the full potential of your on-premise Webex Room Systems, Cisco Meeting Server® and Pexip Infinity® platforms.

Admin and support

End users

Admins and support

Mividas simplifies the workflow for administrators, giving them the necessary tools to manage and support everything to do with their video conferencing platform.

Get full control of your video conferencing platform

Meeting platforms are complex. Mividas reduces complexity by providing an intuitive user experience for administrators looking to manage their platforms and access support.

Manage everything from one single interface

Monitor, update and manage virtual meeting rooms, users, scheduled meetings, conference systems and much, much more - all from one single interface.

Powerful policy tools with soft and hard limits

Provide decision makers and IT-departments with statistics by using powerful policy tools for enhanced security. Use our multi-tenant tools that incorporate contract limits for tenants/customers.

Generate reports with export functionality for in-depth analysing

Track trends, export to Business Intelligence and analyse usage of meeting rooms and meeting platforms for organisations and service providers. Monitor usage of meeting rooms and meeting platforms in real time with proactive support.

Multi-tenancy management with ease

Multi-tenancy brings scalability to your organisation and service providers. Mividas makes it simple to seamlessly switch between tenants/customers from the user interface.

End users

Even a simple task such as scheduling a meeting in your virtual meeting room can become an issue in many organizations. Mividas easily solves this problem, along with many other scenarios.

Schedule video meetings directly via Outlook or web browser

Schedule video meetings, webinars and secure meetings using our powerful self-management portal. With our Outlook add-in users can also schedule meeting rooms directly via their Outlook client.

Conference room join button for all scheduled meetings

We enable OBTP (one-button-to-push) functionality for all your meetings, so you can join any meeting directly from your Cisco touch screen, regardless of which platform created the original meeting invitation.

Create and invite participants to secure meetings

Invite participants and room systems with 2-factor authentication for added security and control. Schedule the meeting with ease using either our Meeting Portal or Outlook add-in.

Quickly start a meeting with any number of room systems

Manage pin codes for static virtual meeting rooms and add burst calling to quickly start a meeting with any number of room systems being automatically added to the meeting.

Hassle-free authentication when scheduling video meetings

With support for Single Sign-On (SSO) such as ADFS, integration is easy for end users to access and adopt the Mividas toolset.

Let us solve your common problems

Ever had difficulty creating personal virtual meeting rooms or even something as simple as scheduling a video meeting?

We Got You

No way making sure video meetings are secure by being able to identify that only approved participants are taking part?

No Problem

Missing the join button on your touch screen or having problems provisioning a large amount of video conferencing systems?

Let Us Fix That

Do you want to generate reports on the activity of your video conference platform, but don't even know where to start?

Piece Of Cake

Combine our products for a powerful solutions to all your organization's needs.

Video infrastructure

Our software solutions gives power to administrators and secure and easy-to-use features for end users.

Meeting rooms

Enhance the funcionality of your on-premise Cisco Webex Room systems and enable unique features.

Insight and analytics

Monitor virtual and physical meetings in Cisco Meeting Server® and Pexip Infinity® platforms.

Easy video meeting scheduling

Provide your employees with a simple solution for scheduling different types of video meetings, directly from their browser or Outlook client.

e-ID and SMS

Authenticate participants with the help of electronic ID or SMS.

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