Meeting Portal

Schedule video meetings with ease using end-user's web browser.

This is an optional component for Mividas Core and requires an active Mividas Core license.

Meeting Portal features

Scheduling video meetings

The main function of the Meeting Portal is to give end users a convenient tool for scheduling video meeting via their web browser.

The end user starts by navigating to the Meeting Portal url and then follows a few simple steps to schedule the video meeting. This works from both the desktop and mobile web browser.

Scheduling is processed via Mividas Core, which supports both Cisco Meeting Server® and Pexip Infinity® platforms.

Meeting templates

The Meeting Portal will have different meeting options to choose from depending on your organization, such as secure meetings or webinars.


All scheduled meetings and past meetings are shown in the calendar for easy access via the Meeting Portal dashboard.

Branding support

Customize the Meeting Portal to fit your organizations profile by changing colors and uploading your own logotype.

The Meeting Portal can also be used together with the Mividas Outlook add-in, enabling virtual meeting rooms to be scheduled directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Be secure with Mividas Connect

Mividas Connect is designed for scheduling different types of secure video meetings directly in your meeting platform such as SMS or electronic ID verification and identification. Read more about Mividas Connect

Scheduling a video meeting using the Meeting Portal


Choice of meeting types

Users can see all available meeting types via the Mividas Meeting Portal’s dashboard. Options may differ depending on the type of organization and its operations.

If an active license of Mividas Connect is available, options for secure video meetings will also be listed here.

In this example we opted to schedule a meeting that uses e-identification.


Scheduling dialog

After clicking ‘Schedule’ for the selected meeting type, a dialog box opens and a number of steps are presented in order to schedule the meeting. These steps may differ slightly depending on the type of meeting chosen.

By choosing e-identification, for example, one of the steps presented is to enter the social security numbers of the participants and moderators participating in the meeting. This step is not required when scheduling a regular video meeting.


Meeting overview

When all steps for scheduling a meeting are completed, the user’s virtual meeting room is created, and the user is redirected to an overview of their scheduled video meeting.

Here the user can manage several aspects of the meeting, for example adding new participants, sending out instructions on how to join or canceling the meeting entirely.

Good to go!

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