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Meeting Portal

Schedule video meetings with ease using end-user's web browser.

This is an optional component for Mividas Schedule and requires an active Mividas Schedule license.

Hassle-free scheduling and self-management experience through a user-friendly browser interface

Scheduling wizard

Simple step-by-step wizard to schedule the different available video meetings types in the Mividas Meeting Portal.


All past and scheduled meetings are conveniently displayed in the calendar widget via the Meeting Portal dashboard.

Meeting templates

Different meeting templates to choose from with support for customization when scheduling a new meeting.

Responsive design

Designed to work with the different types of users’ devices - either their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Branding support

Customize the Meeting Portal to match your organization’s profile by changing colors and uploading your own logotype.

Delegated scheduling

Staff members have the capability to schedule and manage meetings on behalf of other individuals within the organization.

Self management

Allow users to manage their personal static virtual meeting rooms, including the ability to change the room's PIN code.


Users have the option to enable meeting recording for specific meetings by utilizing external video recording services.

Room availability

When scheduling room systems to dial out for a scheduled meeting, the current availability for the systems is display.

Example of scheduling a video meeting using the Meeting Portal


Choosing meeting type

The user starts by choosing what type of video meeting to schedule, such as a standard video meetings or webinar.


Scheduling dialog

Clicking ‘Schedule’ will open the scheduling wizard dialog and the user is then taken through a number of simple steps to schedule their meeting.

Good to go!

When all wizard steps are completed, the user’s virtual meeting room is created, and the user is redirected to an overview of their scheduled video meeting.

Expect easy scheduling using the browser with the Mividas Meeting Portal, try it out today

More optional components for powerfull meeting scheduling and participant identification

Mividas Identify for participant identification

Mividas Identify adds layers of elevated authentication and verification to your meeting platform by invoking external authentication-services for internal and external video meeting participation including electronic ID and SMS.

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