Secure meetings

The problem – there's an increasing need to make sure some video meetings are secure by being able to identify that only approved participants are taking part. This security option is often missing in organizations today.

Our solution

Feel confident with only identified participants joining your video meeting.

  • Easy scheduling of secure video meetings via the end user's browser.
  • Authentication of external participants with national electronic identification services.
  • Use SMS as two-factor authentication for identifying participants.
  • Option for participants to receive a PIN code via SMS 10 minutes before the meeting starts.
  • Internal users connects to meetings with single-sign-on using our powerful self management portal.
  • Authentication can be carried out regardless of the device the participant connects with.
  • Create two factor authentication pin codes for video conferencing systems.
  • Use our Easy Join Services for Cisco Webex Room devices together with 2FA.
  • Select different authentication profiles for guest and hosts.
  • Set different authentication for internal and external participants.
  • Control the authentication process with Mividas Policy Server.

Compliance and GDPR

The product is fully compliant with privacy policies and regulations, including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Sensitive data is automatically removed after a specified period of time following the end of each meeting, ensuring that the product adheres to the principles of privacy and data protection.

Mividas Identify

You can expect all this and much more from Mividas Identify. We enable secure video meetings in your on-premise Cisco Meeting Server® and Pexip Infinity® platforms.

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